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  1. Emic Perspective

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson presents the concepts of etic (outsider/objective) and emic (insider/subjective) understanding of culture. The slides explain the differences in these two perspectives, offer motivation...

  2. The Shadow Side of Empathy

    Collections | 01 Apr 2021 | Posted by Nikki Leigh Mattson

    Empathy, or the ability to identify with or to interpret the world through the feelings and perspectives of another person, figures as a highly desirable skill for intercultural competence or...

  3. Let's Talk About Color

    11 Aug 2020 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Natasha L Harris

    Purdue University

    This webinar features a panel of Purdue students who describe the issues they face in and outside of the classroom that can affect their performance in their courses, both face-to-face and online.

  4. ACTFL and NCSSFL Can-Do Statements for Intercultural Communication

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    A "set of examples and scenarios that show how learners use the target language and knowledge of culture to demonstrate their Intercultural Communicate Competence." (ACTFL and NCSSFL...

  5. Analyzing Cultural Attitudes

  6. Anthropologist's Game

  7. Archie Bunker's Neighborhood

  8. Au Contraire

  9. Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)

  10. Birds of a Feather

  11. Building a House for Diversity

  12. Centering Indigeneity

  13. Changed or Not?

  14. Check Your Bias Blind Spot

  15. Clock on the Ceiling

  16. Communicating Policy in a Cultural Context

  17. Connect the Dots

  18. Counter-Storytelling

  19. Creativity Rubric (AAC&U)

  20. Critical Mass

  21. Cross the Line

  22. Cross-Cultural Values

  23. Cultural Adjustment, Power, and Personal Ethics

  24. Culture and Values

  25. Culture Shock (Hofstede)

  26. DAE (D-A-E) (Describe-Analyze-Evaluate)

  27. DIE (D-I-E) (Describe-Interpret-Evaluate)

  28. DIVE (D.I.V.E. Model) (Describe-Interpret-Verify-Evaluate)

  29. Draw a Tree

  30. Duck or Rabbit

  31. Emic Perspective

  32. Good intentions are not enough: A decolonizing intercultural education

  33. I Am Poems

  34. I DIVE (Impact-Description-Interpretation-Values-Evaluation)

  35. Ice Sculpture (per antea Meteorite)

  36. Improved Solutions

  37. Intersectionality Exercise

  38. Language Constructs Enemies

  39. Martian Anthropology

  40. Mental Mapping

  41. Metaphors across Cultures

  42. Migration: An Empathy Exercise

  43. Monochronic-Polychronic Quiz

  44. Multiple Realities

  45. Negotiations

  46. Newton

  47. Not Fair!

  48. O-S-E-E

  49. One Word

  50. Paper Basket Exercise

  51. Perspective Taking and Microfiction

  52. Perspective Taking in Email Communication

  53. Photo Analysis

  54. Recognizing Ineffective Responses to Cultural Differences

  55. Scenery, Machinery, People

  56. Seven Words

  57. StarPower

  58. Story Circles

  59. Story Stitch

  60. Storytelling Podcast

  61. Ten Sentences

  62. Text Takes

  63. Through Other Eyes

  64. Too American, Never American Enough

  65. TRASH: Goal Setting Simulation

  66. Turning the Tables

  67. What Do You See?

  68. What Does It Mean to You?