Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)

Subgroup Size

Entire group


45 minutes

External Cost



Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI). Proprietary instrument copyrighted by PsychEssentials.

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This assessment measures: 1. "Who learns what and why, and under what circumstances." 2. "Complex processes that are associated with belief/value acquisition, maintenance, and transformation." 3. "The impact of specific experiences that are implicitly or explicitly designed to facilitate growth, learning, or change" (

As a result of this assessment, participants will be able to: "1. Understand better what they believe and value about themselves, others, and the world at large. 2. Reflect upon how such beliefs and values may - or may not - be conducive to learning, personal growth, relationships, and the pursuit of life goals" (

Languages Other than English: Japanese